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“Leadership Academy” Project is a tool of YMCA Europe, created to assist YMCA National Movements and to empower young people to take action as active citizens, equipping them with skills so they can promote social change and strengthen their movements as bearers of democratic values and change-makers. 

Goal: promoting civic engagement of young people through enhancing their capacity as leaders for local communities.


• Promoting social inclusion and peace as a core value of youth work;
• Promoting youth participation, its values and forms (on the basis of “Have your say” manual and European Charter on Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life);
• Equipping young leaders with necessary knowledge and tools of change-makers (vulnerability and social inclusion, needs assessment, creating a social project, CSO (Civil Society Organisation) with its mission and democratic governance, advocacy and communication);
• Promoting International cooperation of leaders of local communities;

Target group: near 30 young leaders of CSOs (from approximately 15 European countries), 18-35 years old, who take or are going to take governing or managing positions in their CSOs (acting or potential Board members, staff). 

The “Leadership Academy” will consist of 3 sessions and fulfillment of homework between the sessions. Each session will last for 4 full days.

Schedule of the sessions:

I session: 24-29 March 2020, Malta
II session: 16-21 June 2020, Slovakia
III session: 3-8 November 2020, Belgium

The dates of the second and the third sessions can be changed a little with the agreement of the participants.

More infos on: https://ymcaeurope.com/leadership-academy-2020


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